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We all woke up one day to find out that all this time we’ve just been doing mountain biking. Apparently there’s this thing called Enduro Mountain Biking :) To be a part of the Enduro Folk you’ll need: All-mountain bike with at least 140 to 170mm suspension, full face helmet, a good set of knee and elbow pads, five-tens, and of course a fancy outfit- Lycra has no place in a real enduro. Although we try to remember having fun riding bikes and don’t get caught too much in the hype, we have to admit that marketing of this new sport makes our mountain biking sound cooler…Enduro Mountain Biking. But on a serious note, apart from a cool name, for an average mountain biker enduro is about total freedom and ability to enjoy riding all kind of terrain. At some level the bikes will need to be pretty specialized. You’ll need downhill bike for steep rough descents but you can’t pedal it up a mountain, and on the other hand you would not want to ride a World Cup downhill track on an Cross Country bike. That’s where enduro machines fit. Sturdier frame, bigger suspension, wide bars. All these mean that enduro bikes design will help you to tackle rougher terrain with better control, handling, and make the whole experience safer and more enjoyable.


Originating from France in 2003, in competition the real Enduro mountain biking has a similar format to car rallying. Also called gravity enduro, it has a series of special stages which include timed downhills and untimed uphills/cross-country sections, which often have to be completed within a set transition time. (Although the very first Tribe enduros in France, used the ski lifts to get to the top of the hill.) The fastest combined time after those stages wins. It’s often described as a mix of cross-country and downhill racing, providing technical bike handling skills that you will need on downhill sections, and endurance for climbing parts. Although It would seem more fair to time uphill sections too to call it a mix. The race structure also means that unlike in downhill a mishap or mechanical won’t necessarily put you out of the running. There are also other forms of enduro mountain biking like – enduro downhill, with the super popular and long downhill event like French Megavalanche, or Super D, which is considered by many more of an XC race, kind of the low-fat, vegan-friendly version of enduro :) There’s usually no separate elite category or pro-lines on the tracks, so you can enter and race on the same tracks at the same time with the top competitors.


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