Confirmation of Booking and Payment

A contract will exist between you and the MTB Treks when a completed booking form and reservation fee is received and your holiday confirmation is dispatched. The payment required in order to confirm your booking for 3 and 5 days experiences will be equal of 100 £ reservation fee or full amount for each participant, full amount is optional. If reservation fee is paid only, the remaining balance must be paid on the day of your arrival. Deposit required for custom experience might be different from 3 and 5 days packages. Your deposit/s (reservation fee) must be paid at latest 4 weeks before the commencement of your experience. If you are making a booking less than 4 weeks before the start date of your MTB holiday, the payment will be required at the time of payment request email.

Cancellation Charges

Unless a customer transfers his/her experience to another date or friend, reservation fee is refundable up to 4 weeks before the start of your experience, after then deposit and hotel reservation (If applicable) fee are not refundable. Full amounts will be refunded minus MTB experience reservation fee and hotel reservation fee (If applicable).

Free Experience Transfer Service

Instead of cancelling your MTB experience you can transfer your fee to another available date or your friend. Your transfer must be made not later than 7 days before your experience start date. Hotel reservation fee will be handled according to a provider’s terms and conditions.


You must abide by the authority of your guide. If we believe that you are a risk to your own and group’s safety, you may be asked to leave the group. You will not be entitled to any refund.


You ride entirely at your own risk no matter which trail you are on. Mountain biking is an adventure activity and it always carries with it some degree of risk. You must make your own decisions regarding the abilities, guides can provide advice if requested but are not responsible for any accidents. Some trails and singletracks are not suitable for beginners. You will be offered different trails suitable to your fitness and skill levels, however if for any reason you insist on riding it, we won’t be held responsible for any mishaps. You are also expected to be in good health condition. If you are not sure contact us and consult a GP or specialist in order to gain medical certification. The customer accepts the risk and will not hold MTB TREKS responsible for any health impairments resulting from their chronic disease and/or not telling us about it.

Riding Departures

In case the participant is not ready at the scheduled departure time, the group might leave without him/her and he/she can not expect the session to be refunded. So wake up in time!

Equipment and care

If we provide mountain bikes and basic protection equipment (helmet), we will ask you to look after it as if it was your own and expect you to return it in the same condition. We want you to have as much fun as you can, however if we see that you will likely damage the bike, we will ask you to hire the mountain bike from one of local providers. Alternatively you can always bring your own bike. In case of damaging equipment due to careless riding the client will cover the cost of repair. MTB Treks reserves the right to change bike brands without notice.

Bike Lift Services

MTB Treks does not take responsibility for changes in Bike Parks Bike Lift Services.

Support Vehicles

Support vehicle and transport to certain trails is free service and may be withdrawn due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. We will try to provide an alternative service should this occur. Participants travel in the Company’s vehicles at their own risk.


All participants must have proof of minimum insurance cover (European Health Insurance Card). However we strongly advice you to take out specialized MTB or sports holiday cover that will cover you for helicopter rescues as well as other incidents that basic insurance might not cover. We will not be responsible for any faults being a result of inadequate insurance cover. The Customer bears all costs for medical care.

Cancellation by MTB TREKS

The MTB TREKS reserves the right to cancel your experience in case of unforeseen circumstances such as war, unrest or flight cancellation. If circumstances are not acceptable the MTB TREKS will only refund money received in respect of the cost of the MTB experience. MTB TREKS will not be liable for any other expenses which you might incur as a result of your booking.

Other Activities

If You wish to engage in other activities, your contract will be directly with the activity provider and subject to their booking conditions.

The Travel

MTB Treks does not provide flights or travel to the start of the holiday, other than the Free Transfer Service.

Air Port Transfer Services

The transfers apply only from Wroclaw Airport to and from the accommodation in Karpacz and surrounding areas relevant to our experience. Transfers need to be arranged at least one week before your arrival day. After this period of time we might not be able to pick you up. If other participants are arriving on the same day it might be necessary to wait for their arrival before the transfer departs for its destination.

Alternative Accommodation

The MTB TREKS provides free alternative reservation services and acts only on customer’s behalf in respect of reservation of an accommodation. In this situation your contract will be directly with the accommodation provider and subject to their booking conditions.

Information provided by the Company

Any information provided by MTB TREKS or its representatives is done so in good faith but without any liability on the part of the MTB TREKS or its representatives. The Participants remain responsible for finding out any necessary information, such as vaccinations, visa requirements, baggage allowances, etc.


MTB TREKS cannot be held responsible for poor weather conditions. We’ll try everything so that you can ride as much and as many quality trails as possible, it happens rarely, but there might be down days.

Law & Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction and applicable law is the place of residence of the company. Legal claims against the company shall be governed in all respects by and in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.