If you plan an active holiday on two wheels somewhere in Europe, you are in the right place. Europe is perhaps the most cycled continent on earth which has something to offer for all levels and tastes. Icelandic volcano fields, the legendary routes of France’s Chamonix region, Austria, Switzerland, just to name a few. Cycling culture in Europe has advanced far beyond anywhere else. But if you are new to MTB and you are not one of the “do-nothing-on holiday” guys, it shouldn’t take much to persuade you to mountain biking holidays. At the end of the day, almost all of us enjoyed our first bike ride when we were kids. So why not keep enjoying it ? Fun, sweat, freedom, amazing views, different cultures, and the escape from the reality of today’s civilization. Just you, maybe a couple of friends, and nature. These are just a few reasons why you might be interested in mountain biking holidays. You don’t need to be Danny MacAskill to enjoy two wheels in a spectacular way. From simple family friendly off-roading through steep cross-country roads for fans of sweat and heavy breathing to rocky downhill sections that require more experience and technique. No matter what your level of fitness or skills, Europian mountain biking holiday destinations will keep you riding and smiling.


Mountain Biking Holidays In Europe - Austria

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Alps being one of the most recognized and popular mountain biking holidays regions in Europe, also cover a big part of Austria. Austria is undeniably not only one of the most exciting MTB destinations in Europe, but also one of the most popular. Mountain Biking Holidays riders of all levels can indulge the scenic highlights in the Austrian bike regions of Vorarlberg, Tirol, Salzburg, Upper Austria or Carinthia. Whether you choose advanced mountain bike tracks, exhausting enduro trips, or just a simple bike tour in the valley – you are guaranteed satisfaction.


Mountain Biking Holidays In Europe - France - Alps

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We wouldn’t hesitate to say that French Alps are the Capital of Mountain Bike Holidays in Europe. The most famous spots such as Morzine, Les Gets, Portes du Soleil, or Grand Massif in Haute Savoie region, make the perfect playground for anyone fascinated with two wheels and mountains. Well signed and mapped paths of easy trails, singletracks, technical downhills, long climbs, or pure hard cross country rides, will keep happy riders of all levels and tastes. A week-long tour of The Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt in Swiss Alps will inspire even the fussiest Mountain Bike Adventurer. Everything a Mountain Biker dreams of…


Mountain Biking Holidays In Europe - Switzerland


The charm of the high mountain people and their unique culture surely help this MTB holiday destination grow in popularity. The opportunities to mountain bike in Switzerland are infinite. Valley of Verbier, Interlaken, Jungfrau massif or Zermatt. These are just a few regions worth seeing. With Hundreds of kilometres of cross-country trails to be still explored, you will have endless opportunity to see some of the most spectacular scenery in the Alps.


Mountain Biking Holidays - Italy

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With the Alps to the northwest, Dolomites in the northeast, and the Apennine Mountains all the way down the middle of the country, Italy offers loads of singletrack trails, Enduro trips, Freeride and X-Country biking. Many roads built in between the amazing sceneries of Dolomite Mountains, make Dolomites not only the top destination for mountain bike holiday but also an excellent place to enjoy silent wheels rolling on smooth asphalt. Technical singletrack in the outstanding countryside of Lake Garda located in northern Italy is regarded by many as one of the best mountain biking spots in the world. If XC is your game then the lower Apennine Mountains with many of the peaks just over the 1000m mark, can be a perfect place for you.


Mountain Biking Holidays In Europe - Poland

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With many world-class MTB competitions taking place in the land of Slowians, Polish trails don’t have to be introduced to hardcore mountain bike fans. But since Poland’s popularity as a tourist destination is rather new in western Europe, not many holidaymakers will know it for its mountain bike trails. It might be limited in terms of MTB guiding tours companies, but not known doesn’t necessarily mean worse. Wild undiscovered areas of Carpathian and Sudetes mountain ranges offer hundreds of kilometres of the most scenic, unique, and versatile MTB trails in Europe. Green pastures, mountainsides covered by forest, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, and many miles of wild undiscovered mountain bike trails make Polish mountains a perfect and still cheap destination for enthusiasts of any form of pedalling.


Mountain Biking Holidays In Europe - Spain

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Apart from raging bulls, a great weather and hot Spanish women, Spain has a huge variety of riding available across a number of different ranges. Andalucía is simply a haven for mountain bikers. The Sierra Nevada National Park will offer you some of Europe’s most amazing trails southernmost. What makes it even more special is the fact that this region of Spain is still feral, not a manufactured playground for bikers. No ski lifts, no coach parties: just you, the bike and the trail. For different, breathtaking views, you can head into the Pyrenees. You’ll find there plenty of challenging climbs and the exhilarating descents.


Mountain Biking Holidays In Europe - Romania

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Lack of “official” mountain biking tracks with proper signalling might discourage pampered riders who are used to well organised Alpine trails in France or Austria. But what puts off some of us, works well for the others. Crowdless, smooth dirt roads, tricky single tracks through majestic forests, mountain treks with breathtaking views over the Carpathians mountain range – it’s certainly an excellent place for someone looking for an adventurous mountain biking holiday away from civilization. The mild climate with long and warm autumns provide excellent riding conditions until November. You’ll also have an opportunity to meet the unspoiled way of life that a lot of the locals still enjoy. Homegrown vegetables and homemade fresh milk, those horse-drawn carts and the mowing of the hay still done with the help of a scythe… You have to admit that this kind of views is like a rare gem. A few of many places worth seeing are Rodna and Fagaras Mountains or Transylvanian Alps, the homeland of Vlad the Impaler, commonly called Count Dracula.


Mountain Biking Holidays In Europe - Norway

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Whether you fancy challenging downhills or gentle trails, you’ll ride them surrounded by some of the most beautiful and one in its kind scenery on earth. Think fjords, mountains, rugged coastlines and never-ending unspoilt views. Places to ride ? For the deep forests and some of the softest tracks imaginable, you can head to Al. Sogndal, on the coast, will offer you some super steep lines overlooking the world’s longest fjord. You can also follow the Oslo-Bergen railway across Norway’s most spectacular hills. You shouldn’t miss the epicentre of Norwegian MTB either. Hafjell is the home of annual world cup races with some of the most awesome flowy tracks.


Mountain Biking Holidays - Iceland

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Waterfalls, gorges, deserts, jagged mountains. Visiting Iceland is to witness the earth as it transforms itself right before your eyes. Apart from bathing in natural turquoise hot springs, spending nights in remote lodges in unreal locations and feasting on delicious Icelandic cuisine, you will ride one of the most spectacular trails on earth. The highland trails, old sheep paths and single-track routes run amongst multicoloured rhyolite mountains, gushing geysers, bubbling mud, expansive lava fields, natural hot springs and soaring glaciated mountains. This is certainly a mountain biking holiday spot that can’t be missed and is worth writing this long never-ending sentence.


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