Bike crash can surprise you at the least expected moment. Mountain biking, road cycling, bmx…All these are dangerous sports. No matter how hard you try to stay safe, near death experiences keep waiting around the corner. And it doesn’t really matter whether you are starting your biking adventure or you are a pro rider. It can happen to all of us. Remember, stay safe, don’t neglect your safety equipment, always wear your helmet and ride with some company. These 12 bike crashes should make you think twice about your next ride.

12# Louis Reboul – Canyon Gap Backflip / Red Bull Rampage 2014


Image by Sterling Lorence

This young french free rider came out of this bike crash only with bruises. After he was taken down on a backboard as a precaution, medics said he should be fine.

11# That’s The Hell of a Drop, Miles..He Said

mtb crash - falling off the cliff

Miles confident in his skills carried down the cliff. He made it with sprained wrist, broken hand and multiple lacerations…The bike survive the fall without a scratch.

10# This Could Not End Well

mtb crash

Way too big. This guy knew it’s not going to end very well the second he left the ramp.

9# Dustin Schaad – Unexpected Endo / Red Bull Rampage 2014

mtb crash -red bull rampage

Image by Paris Gore

Another “lucky to be alive bike crash” at Red Bull Rampage qualifications. Amazingly, Dustin walked away pretty much unscathed from this absolutely monstrous fall.

8# Gee Atherton – Right Before The Finals / Red Bull Rampage 2012

Gee Atherton – Crash Red Bull Rampage 2012

Image by Christian Pondella

This mountain bike crash stopped Gee competing at Rampage right at the last minute. It really looks bad and could end much worse.

7# Matt Brammeier – Out of Control / Guardsman’s Pass Tour of Utah

Bike Crash - Guardsman’s Pass Tour of Utah

Image by

This time some action from road racing. Matt Brammeier broke several ribs, suffered a punctured lung and fractures to his sacral and pelvic bones. But he managed to tweet a photo from his hospital bed letting everyone know he’s lucky to be alive.

6# Ouch..Steve Romaniuk MTB Crash

Steve Romaniuk MTB Near Death Experience

Image by Margus Riga

Apparently it’s a practice footage of Steve Romaniuk. Another Rampage competitor. I’m not sure how these guys survive this kind of mountain bike crashes.

5# BMX Stunt Face Crash


This one sends shivers down my spine. He was out cold for 2 minutes and a little bit confused for the next 48 hours but alive.

4# Faceplant of Death


The only explanation for this guy coming out of this mtb accident alive or not crippled is….God must love mountain biking.

#3 Tom Van Steenbergen – Inches From Death / Red Bull Rampage 2015

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES - Tom Van Steenbergen Red Bull crash

Image by John Gibson

Back to the mother of lucky to be alive mountain bike crashes. Luckily Tom was carrying enough speed to make it just… over to the other side.

2# Cedric Gracia’s Brush with Death – Warning: Not For The Faint Hearted

Cedric Gracia’s Brush with Death - Bike Crash Near Death Experiences

This innocent looking mountain bike crash was a real near death experience. Gracia’s survived this crash because he and his friends kept calm and knew what to do. Remember !!! Don’t ride alone in alone places. Horror starts at 1:30.

1# Brendan Fairclough – Gap Canion Near Death Experience / Red Bull Rampage

Brendan Fairclough – Gap Canion Near Death Experience / Red Bull Rampage

Image by Eddie Clark

Thank god there was no crash here. It would probably end the Rampage competition before the finals. Here’s Brendan Fairclough’s and probably not the first one of his near death experiences.


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