A mountain biking holiday is a different kind of experience that not only requires a special kind of customer (that’s you), but also particular planning, support and expertise. In our humble opinion, the guiding is perhaps the most crucial element in getting the most from your holiday. Everyone can come to Karkonosze National Park, buy a map and start riding – very well, but the best trails are not the ones that are marked out on the trail map. We know all the sweetest lines, the secret hidden jumps, concealed waterfalls to swim in, unique spots to take in the breathtaking views and of course the best places to grab some food and a well-earned drink at the end of the day. We can promise you these and much more…


As long as you are confident on the bike, have a reasonable fitness, and don’t have some serious health issues, MTB Treks Experience is for you. To give you an idea, if you’ve just learnt to ride and/or you can’t jog for 30 minutes, you might need to get a little bit fitter. The terrain is quite hilly and even easy trails can be challenging for an unfit person. Otherwise, we’ll find the group and trails that will suit your skills and abilities. You don’t need to be an MTB champion, but you’ll need some will to get fitter. For those full of energy and skills…there is even more to do, although we might not follow you into some of those mad drops.


Mixed-Ability groups are no fun for anyone. That’s why on the first day we’ll ride all together some of the local trails to give us a chance to assess your riding skills and fitness, and therefore arrange a small group of up to 5 riders per guide for which you will fit. It will also ensure that we’ll spend much more time riding the bike and a lot less time on waiting for those behind. But the hard-and-fast rules don’t really apply here. If you don’t fancy the group you end up in and the other riders won’t mind waiting for you, we won’t be the ones to stop you here. But to be straight about it, if you choose wrong,  you might end up walking some big parts of the trails.