Please, fill in the form below and let us know some basic details before we make our offer. Individual holiday prices will depend on factors like number of participants (more riders=lower price), whether you need us to arrange a mountain bike for you, or number of riding days. Note: We do not provide accommodation services. If you wish we will only act on your behalf in respect of choosing and booking the most suitable place for you, and we do it totally free of charge. The contract will be directly with you and the provider of the accommodation services. If you choose to arrange accommodation through us, you will receive details in a seperate email.

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Personal Information such as your name, phone number and email address will never be disclosed to any third parties.




For rough idea what MTB size you might need see our general guide to mountain bike sizes.







You can disregard this section if you don't want us to arrange accommodation for you. We are not providing accommodation services. We only act on your behalf in respect of choosing and booking the most suitable place for you. The contract will be directly with the provider of the accommodation and subject to their booking conditions.



In order to confirm your booking we require reservation fee of 50% of total quoted experience fee, with the remaining balance to be paid on the day of your arrival. Full amount is optional. Fee is refundable up to 4 weeks before the start of your experience. After this period of time you can only transfer your experience to another date or friend.


Make sure you’ll apply for European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), formerly E111 card. It is free and will cover you for any emergency hospital treatment you may need. You will also need a specific insurance for a mountain biking holiday to make sure you won’t only be covered for emergencies, but also for helicopter rescue emergencies, recovery, and rehabilitation. It’s really worth and it’s not expensive at all. In the UK you can get covered from as low as 30 pounds.